Veg Plotting!

One of the side effects of last week's great New Year Clearout was the use of this swanky new tin to arrange and store my seed stash for the year. It has a smaller brother which I'm using to store my green manure seeds. Up until now I've mistreated my potential veg harvest by using a garden trug to store their seeds on a shelf in my study. Hardly the airtight container recommended by every gardening book and magazine in the land :0

I was so delighted, I even made some month dividers using card and pictures from old magazines I'd put by for recycling. I then sorted through my seeds and put them in the month when they'll be sown. This means I can go straight to my tin and pull out the seeds I need each month. Any seeds used for successional sowing can be put back into the next month etc. I've even added some silica gel to the tin to keep them really dry. I'm so pleased with the result, I'm itching to get sowing straight away - hence the vegetable planner you can also see in the picture.


  1. It's good to see you getting organised like this! I'm in the throes of trying to do something similar.

  2. Looks good! It's starting to feel exciting now the festive season is out of the way, soon be planting seeds again!

  3. Hi Flighty, Paul & Melanie,

    Glad you like the shiny new tin! It's good to be doing something positive about the plot even when the weather's a bit grim isn't it!

  4. The tin's a great idea. Mine are all in a shoebox-not the best place. Perhaps I should turn my cotton reels out of the tin they are in and put seeds in instead.

  5. Well you can't get more organised than that, this is a lovely idea. I have got mine in a lidded wicker basket, but this is hardly airtight either. I am going to get really organised this year, and that includes my shed! I like the idea of the dividers as well, one which I shall be taking up. Thanks for this. x

  6. It's all this bad weather - I've had to find some garden related tasks that don't involve slopping around in the mud. It is a nice feeling to start the year off in an organised way for once - I doubt I'll be able to continue in this fashion for long though!


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