Pot Disaster

Well, it hasn't taken long for my first garden disaster of the year to arrive. NAH spotted this yesterday, but I've only got round to doing something about it today. I think this was caused by either one of the cats leaping over the fence or by my not fixing the trellis support to the fence properly. We have a vast amount of fence down the side of the garden without any soil, so I've been experimenting with growing Clematis in pots for the past couple of years in the hope of making things a little more interesting. I'd been thinking the experiment wasn't going that well anyway and had earmarked this Multi Blue for a much larger pot by the pergola at the side of the house. This has just hurried things along a little. At least I know the plant's got a strong root structure. I've put it in a temporary pot on a warmer part of the patio until I can sort out the more permanent home. Snow's forecast for tomorrow, so I needed to do something relatively quickly.


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