Unusual Plants

Us gardeners are a hardy bunch as was proven this morning when I visited this nearby nursery for an inspirational 2 hour workshop on unusual plants for limy soils. Most of the time was spent in the pouring rain and wind whilst the owner Terry Baker, enthusiastically showed 5 of us round his stock beds cum garden. It may be January, but there was plenty of interest for us to see, helped along by the odd cutting or 2 plus lashings of hot coffee and chocolate biscuits. We also got a sneak preview in the greenhouse you can just see in the picture of the plants to be taken to the RHS Flower Show in the Horticultural Halls next month. The morning was a great supplement to my gardening course and also a good way to get some new ideas for my own garden. I came away with a delightful unnamed Viburnum that came from Savills via the great plant explorer Roy Lancaster, plus a cutting of Rosa banksiae. The workshop was the first of a series scheduled for the first Monday of each month, so of course I shall be returning again to see how the nursery and garden develop over the seasons.


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