Snowdrop census - week 1

Back Garden - 51
Front Garden - 33
Side Garden - 30
Guerilla Garden - 30


Last year's maximum - 1069, still some way to go then!

The double snowdrops in the back garden are beginning to show - I'll post a picture as soon as they're in bloom. I also found some strawberries in flower and daisies on the public land next to the house.


  1. I love snow drops, so love reading about yours, but have awhile to see any yet... (Patience! I don't have much.)

    Added you in "blogs to visit" -- I hope you don't mind. It is because when I came back to check for replies you had! Thank you! I can see why someone awarded you with a friendly blog nod.

  2. Strawberries in flower!! Wow, thats early. Mine are still well and truely asleep.

  3. Thanks Wildside, that's great! I've got you in my Google Reader, so I'll be stopping by from time to time...

    Paul & Melanie - what's the betting a frost will come and knock those strawberry flowers for 6?

  4. one snowdrop! that's all there is. I'm pretty sure it those squirrels! the clematis however has two buds and are about to open!

  5. Hi anonymous! Maybe some more have appeared by now? They have a habit of suddenly appearing out of nowhere! I'm envious of your Clematis buds though


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