How Advertising Works in Chippenham 2

1. Create advertisement
2. Decide to place it in Chippenham, where it's quicker to drive to Newquay than go by air
3. Wait for a Blogger with a camera to spot it at the local train station
4. Et voila!

Click here for a further example ;)


  1. surely Newquay is nearer to Chippenham than Gatwick is?

    Well actually no - according to my route-planner Ch-Nq is 192 miles; Ch-Gat is 117 miles but Gat-Nq is 297 miles so Ch-Nq via Gat is 414 miles.

  2. Quite - it's very silly isn't it!

  3. And the air advert at the local train station as well!

  4. They should pay you a percentage; D

  5. It's just plain daft Liz. The travel to Gatwick+flight time and the quickest train journey are about the same time, so the airline must be targetting on price rather than convenience!

    As for a percentage, I don't think they'd like my cynical take on it Nessa ;)


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