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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Erm, what's today's date?

The New Year's hardly begun and I saw Hot Cross Buns on special offer today :0
I know Easter's early this year, but that's ridiculous!


  1. Hi Michelle, I saw Easter Eggs in Waitrose yesterday, I said to J, how ridiculous it is, am I starting to sound old? I think it is us with the problem, I shall let you in to a secret, I can't vote on anyone else's poll because I get the same message come up. I haven't investigated yet but maybe we have got an option turned off in our setup, if I discover it I shall let you know. I shall add your vote on to the final total! x

  2. Hi Louise - I think they were clearing the shelves ready for the Easter eggs, never mind the Valentine's cards. I don't think it's an age thing - I just like to have things happening at the right time. I refuse to feel and do anything for Christmas until December, but then join in with full vim and vigour ;)

    Interesting point about settings - I'll have a check too. Do you know if Threadspider manages to vote OK?

  3. We have 'Hot Cross buns' on sale all year round. They just leave the crosses off. As a little girl, they were a Good Friday treat. Now, it is just a bun!!!

  4. Elephant's Eye - it's the same here too :(


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