Blue Monday

Breakfast News reported that today's officially the gloomiest day of the year, so I make no apologies in posting another Winter Aconite picture (from yesterday) to cheer things up.

I'd like to know where the 'officially' tag comes from though - this article says that experts have come up with a complicated algorithm to work out that today's the answer. However, who these experts are hasn't been revealed. I recall that 2 weeks ago it was 'officially' the sickest day of the year (gloom was cited as one of the root causes of this too) and the day when most of us book our summer holidays - to cheer ourselves up was given as one of the reasons here. Confused? You bet I am.


  1. Which day is the happiest?!? Did they say? How about if I just wish you a happy gloomy day?

    Blogging to battle the winter gloom factor, that's why I'm here online... I think it's working, so far. (On my side of things, at least!)

    But with all the recent wet, I feel for you! We had a bout like that a short while back...

  2. Well, I think they must have been very gloomy 'experts' to come up with that.

    Me? I'm Mr Smiley today! :)

  3. VP, I have to say, your photography is quite exceptional. I'm sure a decent camera helps but it's struck me many times that the compositions are excellent - is photography just a hobby?

    Anywho, miserablist day of the year? I spent a couple of enjoyable hours in the allotment ditches this afternoon. No, really, clearing ditches is actually rather enjoyable.


  4. Hi everyone - I'm glad you're not gloomy and I wasn't either. Just goes to show these things are a load of twaddle ;)

    I agree Wildside - Blogging makes me happy, especially when people stop by and say hello

    Paul & Melanie - I know why you're all smiley, it's the thought of that superb plot you've just got

    Simon - I can see where you're coming from re the ditches. Lots of hard work, but you can see a result for all your efforts at the end of it. And thanks for the photography compliment - it is just a hobby! I've found blogging's revitalised my interest again. I use quite an old digital point & shoot camera (at least 5 years old) and often can't get the shot I want with it (e.g. it's impossible to do any decent close ups with it). So I just go with its limitations and try and do the best I can. I'm relishing the challenge e.g. find 3 ways to advertise RSPB Gardenwatch without a single shot of a bird from my garden! I have a couple of basic rules - use available light and get the shot I want in the camera - no cropping or other manipulation afterwards. Phew - that was a long reply, so I'll sign off for now!


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