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Our local paper published a letter this week concerning the threat of development to an allotment site in Devizes. It's ironic as the allotments under threat were created when a previous site was developed for housing. Luckily the plans have been rejected - for now at least and I hope it remains that way.

It's a very timely topic as the Allotments4All forum has a current thread about a non-statutory allotment site under threat. The members have been very supportive and pointed out that The National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners is a mine of useful advice and help, plus there is currently a petition on the government website about keeping allotments alive and well. If you are a UK resident or an ex-pat, I strongly urge you to follow this link and sign the petition. The deadline's March 27th 2008.


  1. I hope so too, and I'll sign that petition.
    I'll also give the subject a mention, probably with a link to this entry, in an entry of my own which I'll do in the next few days or so.

  2. Good idea Flighty - the more the word gets around the better.

  3. Michelle, I have just signed this petition. We must all do our best to keep allotments alive. I don't need one at this present time because I have got a large enough garden to handle, but some people are not lucky enough to have any land surrounding their home and this is their only way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and be able to see things growing for themselves. Well done for bringing this to our attention. x

  4. Thanks for signing the petion Louise. I'm telling everyone I know about it in the hope lots more signatures go on there. All allotments are vulnerable, particularly non-statutory ones...


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