Happy New Year!

I wish you health and happiness for 2008.

Do you feel different today - hangover excluded? Those 2008 NYR's are brightly glowing, fresh with our good intentions that this year will indeed be very different. I do hope your shiny new resolutions don't fade away too quickly ;-)!

Do I feel different today? Well, I certainly look different thanks to this odd sock Christmas pressie from my friends Steve and Lu in Corsham. But I do feel different too, because today's a major life milestone for me - I've retired :0

I was due to go back to work tomorrow, following my 7 month career break, but happily I'm not. I'm a bit too young to be taking my pension yet, so I'm actually going to describe myself as Not Working rather than Retired. Therefore, this major event needs something a bit more life changing than the kind of NYRs I described yesterday. I've a few ideas, but caring commitments lately means I've not thought them through sufficiently yet. So, I'm not going to tell you what they are today - like Gardenpunks, I may post them up on 43things.com so they're more visible, but rest assured dear reader, you'll get to hear about them here first.


  1. Congratulations on your recently acquired Not Working Status!

  2. Why thank you - perhaps I can spend some time achieving Generation X or Y status!

  3. Happy New Year-and congratulations on your new status.Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I'm nearly emerged from hibernation so will be functioning again soon.

  4. Congrats on the new job! 2008 begins on a promising note it seems.

    43things.com is addictive, but it's great to see your goals, short and long term, somewhere you look at them regularly. Makes you remember!

    Take care,

    Katie at GardenPunks

  5. What a coincidence, I shall be retiring (leaving) my job of 25 years at the end of February. I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life, I shall be finding another job, but something I really want to do! I wish you luck with whatever you decide.

  6. Thanks Judith & Katie for your kind comments - I feel like a child at the moment, loads of possibilities to choose from, so I'm savouring the feeling.

    Glad you're coming out of hibernation Judith - hope you had a great time with your family & see you soon!

  7. Louise - it's amazing how the coincidences keep on coming with this blog! Do you have any ideas on what you're going to do next? I'm enjoying taking my time over the possibilities...


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