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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sales Stash

I came back from my stint at the National Trust yesterday with a most satisfying stash from their January sale. Much of it is aligned with my New Life Goal to reduce my carbon footprint.
Firstly, I need to establish how big my footprint is. I know there's plenty of websites around to help me do this, but I decided the Carbon Counter slim volume is more likely to keep me in line as I can easily take it around with me.
I'm trying to be a greener cleaner around the house, so the green cleaning guide and eco balls should be useful. The eco balls will replace both washing powder and fabric softener and will last me around 250 washes. I've yet to find out how effective they are and will keep you posted.
After all of that, what could be better than a Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down? I first came across Nicey and Wifey via Simon's blog and I've been hooked ever since. Anyone who can write the definitive guide to biscuits in such an amusing way should be recognised as a national treasure in my view.


  1. I've got a well thumbed paperback copy of Nice Cup of Tea... and it's on my blogroll as Mmmm nice! Needless to say I'm definitely a tea and biscuits person.

  2. Oooooooh... Eco-balls, what be they?

  3. Paul and Melanie Eco-balls be these

  4. Hi Flighty & Paul/Melanie

    Here's a website I found with reveiews etc. Hope it answers all your questions...

    Flighty thanks for replying - I couldn't get your link to work I'm afraid even with a bit of tinkering

  5. I guessed that might happen! Try just
    where Ecoballs are listed in the Top Selling Items on the right hand side.

  6. Thanks for that Flighty. I'll be doing a follow up piece on how I got on with the eco balls and will include these links as part of that.


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