Diarise, Prioritise

Another great thing about the New Year is that I finally get to open my shiny new RHS diary. I use these to keep a log of what I've done in the garden and allotment each day, what the weather's like, anything unusual that happens garden/naturewise etc. etc. Each week's view has a seasonal botanical drawing in the same style as the cover, so there's plenty to please the eye, even if the garden and/or allotment's not going that well.

I've been doing this since 2004, when I received my first RHS diary as a Christmas gift - from the same people referred to in my previous post today. It just cried out to be used as a gardening log and so it began. Looking back at last year's records, I can see I was much better than the previous year with my spring planting, but I finished harvesting my courgettes a whole month earlier. It also was the source information for my previous posts on 2007's allotment and garden highs and lows.

This year I intend to be a bit more detailed in what I record, as I'm sure there's valuable data I can mine from this yearly cycle e.g. when flowers first bloom, the call of the first cuckoo, which seeds germinated best and so on. However, I won't be as detailed as discussed with My Tiny Farm Blog, but then he needs to have a more professional approach to what he does.


  1. Hi again Michelle. Guess what, I received my first RHS diary this year, I intend to log down things neatly too, must remember observations from every day though? The illustrations are lovely, even if I don't get as a gift I think I will buy one every year from now on. Thanks for your suggestions, I have added Viburnum and Winter Honeysuckle to my post with a link to you.

  2. That's just how I started Louise! But aren't the pictures just gorgeous, so I've had to keep buying them too.


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