Twelfth Night

So Christmas is well and truly over as it's Twelfth Night. I've spent most of today taking down the tinsel and all the other decorations so we don't have bad luck for 2008. I always feel a bit flat afterwards as the house looks really bare and we still have the grey days of January to get through. To cheer things up a little, perhaps I need to revive the more celebratory side of the evening, or even go a-wassailing round my apple trees!


  1. I always kind of like it - much as I adore my decs, the house seems so large and spacious and uncluttered once they have gone!

  2. Good point - I think I've still got a lot of the child in me though and so like all that glittery, tinsely stuff around the house. It's always been my 'special' job to put up the decorations since I was a little girl, so taking them down feels like the end to that 'special' feeling and all those happy memories. Still, the daffodils are poking through and the snowdrops are daring to show their first buds, so there's plenty to look forward to!

  3. I like to reclaim the space from the decorations too. Thanks for posting about Twelfth Night wassailing. I'm going to wassail my apple trees soon-I thought cider might be appropriate for that!

  4. Hi Judith,

    Definitely lots of cider - hic ;)! Plus lots of things to make a noise to drive the evil spirits away. I've found out a bit more about the art of wassailing since I posted this article, so you may like to take a look at:


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