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Autumn planted onion sets
This is my first effort for a project starting today. I came across it on Mrs Nesbitt's place.
It's the first time I've planted this type of onion set. Usually my spring planted sets are enough for us, plus I choose types that store well like Setton and Red Baron. However, last year's crop was well down on its usual bounty. I was also concerned they might not store so well as it was very dificult to get the crop dried out. So I decided to grow some Electric, planted in November and which should be ready in June. You can see from the photo that the recent rain has 'capped' my clay soil. I'll be going around with a hoe to let some air in as soon as the plot's dried out a little.
I'm pleased I'm trying these as there are reports of a possible onion shortage later this year, for the same reasons that led me to try my Autumn planted sets in the first place.
See you next week at B...


  1. Welcome to ABC Wednesday, it is a great fun thing! Hope you enjoy it a smuch as we all do.


  2. Thanks Denise - it's a great idea and fun to do!

  3. Good luck with the Autumn plantings! That is fun and hopefully yummy too. This was my first ABC also.

  4. I have never tried to plant onions in autumn, only garlic but maybe I should some day.

  5. Welcome to the club!

    I see that you don't have any more snow than we have - must be good for the onions,

  6. Welcome to ABC Wednesday! My onion patch hasn't done well this year.

  7. Makes me feel as if spring isnt so far off

  8. Just think later you will be able to photograph the onions for the O post! YOu will enjoy this bunch of bloggers and hope you enjoy your onions

  9. Poor wet onions! Clay soil can be very difficult.
    This is my first week too.

    I was over on Siani's site and saw you had relatives in Waunarlwydd - snap! so did I. My family lived in Llanelli and I think it was my father's uncle, but I can't remember at this late date!

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments - I'm enjoying looking at everyone's ideas. They're all very different, even when the same subject's been tackled.

    Dragonstar - it's a small world isn't it? My Uncle and Aunt's house bordered on the common land there and so did my cousin's until he moved to Llanelli, where he worked at Ford. I can remember getting up at 4am to go mushrooming with my uncle and when the cows from the common land crashed through the hedge and started eating all the flowers in the garden! Happy days...

  11. Hello and welcome to ABC. I only grow the ornamental types of Onions (Alliums) but wish you a bountiful harvest! I hope we don't have an Onion shortage here, that would stink ;-)

  12. Looks like you will have quite a crop!

    Welcome to ABC - I have added you to my list.

  13. The ABC Wednesday looks interesting Michelle. I shall check it out regularly. It's astonishing how quickly the soil on the allotments has capped-I shall be interested to see how different the soil is under the area that I have left the manure on the surface compared to the are where I dug it in.

  14. You are ambitious ! Hope your autumn onions are absolutely wonderful.

  15. Hello. It`s great fun to plant onions. Tasty! :) I planted some garlic myself at autumn.
    Good luck!
    I hope you get a good crop out of the onions. :)
    See you next week. ;)

  16. Hi and welcome to ABC WEdnesday part 2. Very interesting post for the letter A.

  17. Hi thanks for popping in to my site. I gave up trying to grow veges a long time ago. Between insects and me forgetting to water them it was a disaster.

    I see that Zulu was one of your favourite films. I have featured the grave of James Langley Dalton one of the defenders of Rorkes Drift and a recipient of the victoria Cross in two posts. If you are interested, you can follow the RORKES DRIFT label on my site.

    He also featured in the movie

  18. Welcome to ABC Wednesday. Nice onion patch. Looks like Dot might have some onions trying to grow too. Might have to go visit Dot. ;)

  19. Welcome to the club! I will add you to my side bar....good "A"!

  20. Welcome to ABC Wednesday. You're off to a good start. I tried to grow onions once and it didn't turn out very well. I guess I don't have a green thumb.

  21. Thanks everyone who commented overnight - it's great to hear from you and I look forward to seeing your ideas for B next week.

    The looming onion shortage was mentioned on the BBC news this morning and even featured the company I linked to in yesterday's post. It seems I'm ahead of the national news for once!

    I grow all kinds of alliums, both tasty and ornamental, so expect to see them featured regularly over the coming months...

  22. Glad or hope you know your onions

  23. Hi, I'm new too and this IS fun to see all the ideas. Have't seen the same one yet.

  24. I'll bet those are going to taste great! I love onions

  25. I love onions. One of my
    dbrs eats onion sandwhiches.
    My son mentioned using onions
    like a chip to dip in hummus.

    Look's like you going to have
    a nice crop.

    Have a Blessed Happy
    Creative Fun Year!!!

  26. My onions did not do too well last year, either. I will try again this spring, but autumn---hmm.

    Since the Latin name for onions is allium, you've another A there.

    Thanks for stopping to see my A flowers, for which I bear no responsibility other than learning their names and trying to share that knowledge with National Park visitors who are interested--and helping to keep said visitors from crushing them by straying from the trails.

  27. Hi the most recent commenters - thanks for stopping by!

    I'm glad you're all onion fans too - though Katney's right, I should have called them Alliums to accentuate on the letter A. I also took the picture on my Allotment!


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