Way back when I started this blog, I promised you a better look at my allotment shed. Here's a closer look, though I'm not going to show you the full monty yet as I'm saving that for National Shed Week in July. I inherited my shed when I took over the plot 4 years ago and I've done nowt to it since apart from fill it up with all sorts of 'useful' stuff. I like its 'lived in' appearance.
Which brings me to reason for this post. The Museum of Garden History and the National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens are celebrating everything 1970s from the shed. This could be old tools, that old Flymo you still use, gardening books from the period, photos, adverts - but not stuff like that bottle of old weedkiller you still have. That's probably illegal by now and should be disposed of safely. Any road up, they're looking for 1970s artefacts and recollections for their exhibition at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July. So get tidying! If you can help, you need to contact, with a description of the item plus a picture, if possible. Sadly, my allotment inheritance whilst vast wasn't ancient enough, so I'm going to have to pass up the opportunity to help this time.


  1. Now that's what I call a shed! My 'sentry box' is new so it stands out at the moment.
    I'm a bit of a minimalist so I tend not to have, or keep, much so I've certainly not got anything of interest.

  2. Hi Flighty - thanks for the complement. I like to think my shed's settling nicely into the landscape ;)

    However, If you really want to see a good shed, check out Simon's on Losing the Plot - linked on my sidebar. He made it out of pallets and has just been given Horticultural's 'Shed of the Year' award

  3. Hi VP

    I'm glad you're getting involved in Shed Week. I think it's a great idea and an excellent excuse for social events on allotments. You're kind to reference my shed, thanks. You're probably right about loosing the plot, but I think you meant "The Plot Thickens".

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Simon - I'm so sorry, it's me that's losing the plot!

  5. You wouldn't want to look in my shed at the moment, for a tidy person it is half untidy! I'll have a rummage around as we inherited a lot of left over things from the previous owner, although I can't recall anything from the seventies. I hadn't heard about this, it sounds really interesting and I may well see the exhibits up at the Flower Show this year.

  6. I only have a half plot, about 30 by 60 feet, which is less than five minutes walk from home. That meant I could make do with a really small shed, and they don't come any smaller than two by three by six foot tall ! It stands on one end of my four by six foot pallet patio. It's a bit of an island at the moment but with a trellis and some foliage I'm hoping that it will blend in better later on.
    I think that Simon's shed is brilliant and a well deserved winner of that award.

  7. Perhaps you could try growing a grapevine Flighty so the shed's also a productive part of your plot? You may think your plots small, but you'll still get lots of tasty fruit n veg from it!

    Has anyone seen the greenhouse built fom bottles in this month's Gardeners' World magazine? I'm tempted to give it a go, or at least a cold frame. Will probably do a post on it, if I can find an online link with a picture and collect enough bottles!


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