Spot the Birdies

This a grab shot from my Garden Birdwatch yesterday, hence the misty effect (from shooting through a closed window) and the microscope needed to see the actual birds in the shot (clue - there are 2 of them)!
Here's my results for this year:
Greenfinch - 11
Chaffinch - 5
Great Tit - 2
Blue Tit - 2
Coal Tit - 1
Robin - 1
Blackbird - 2
Wood Pigeon 3
Magpie 1
Jackdaw - 1
House Sparrow - 2
Weather conditions were cool, dry and mainly dull - this may have accounted for the lower number of species this year. I usually also see Long-tailed Tits, Dunnock, Thrush and Collared Dove. However, this was the highest Greenfinch count I've ever had and I think their incessant fluttering and chattering may have put a number of birds off when they were around. I also had a squirrel visit the garden for a while which also quietened things down a bit.
How did your Birdwatch go?


  1. I did mine this morning on the allotment, but left my tally in the shed! It was good as you'll see in the entry I did earlier. Highlights were two Robins and two Jays.

  2. Hi Flighty,

    I'm envious of your 2 Jays, I've only seen them once when I worked in Oxford.

  3. Hi VP, not a bad haul. Nice to see the sparrows, they didn't show up at my allotment. I was disappointed whit what I saw, I'm sure the allotment was much busier last year. It'll be interesting to see the analysis of the results when they come out.

  4. Yes they were a real surprise as I've not seen them around home or the allotments before. I only very occasionally catch a glimpse of one or two near where I work.

  5. Hi Simon,

    I was pleased to see them too. I've always been surprised by the lack of house sparrows here when the conditions are just perfect for them. Last year was the first time they'd appeared even though I've seen them elsewhere on the estate. I suspect it's an 'edge effect' and the Dunnock's have taken their niche here as we're right on the edge of the estate and right next to an old hedgerow.

  6. Hi Michelle-I've posted mine now-we seem to have the expected similarities.
    I saw that magpie you recorded flying over my garden on its way to yours. You must have better food ; )

  7. It looks as though that little bird in your pic is a pied wagtail? We have a couple resident in our garden, they're absolutely gorgeous. I think the most finches I've counted is about 44 or something - along with something like 12 pairs of collared doves, goodness knows how many starlings. I'm one of the few that actually feed them regularly around here, it's funny to see them circling above from quite a distance, only to dive down and congregate at my smallest smallholding!

  8. Just seen the closeup - I need my specs fixing! It's a great tit isn't it (why do I feel so cheeky writing that?). I love how acrobatic they and their blue tit counterparts are.

  9. Hi Threadspider - not a bad haul was it? But as usual, all the other expected birds decided to put in their appearance after I'd finished AND a wren appeared in the garden yesterday, typical!

    Lucy - they do look like wagtails don't they? I had to check again myself after I'd posted the picture! You're right second time round though. Can you send some starlings my way please? There's a serious shortage round here and I can't understand why! Thansk for stopping by...


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