Magnetic Poetry

Regular readers of this site already know just how bad my attempts at poetry can be. New readers can quickly acquaint themselves with my attempts at Haiku and my laughable rhyming couplets.
However, I did have (relatively) more success 4 years ago using my Magnetic Poetry calendar Christmas pressie. Perhaps the word limitation was the key to my success, or perhaps I was just more inspired back then. Anyhoo, I set myself the task of producing a monthly poem using only the unused words remaining on the calendar, so it got progressively more difficult to produce something meaningful as the year went on. The results are still on display in our downstairs loo as you can see. I'll do a more detailed monthly posting, so you can see how the poems built up over the year. I got a bit carried away in January, so I'll do a weekly posting this month, looking at what I produced back then.


  1. You'll have to do something for National Poetry Day, which isn't until October. I do several entries, before and on the day, and get other bloggers to join in the fun.

  2. Great Idea - I've been looking for a blogging event to join in with hurray!

    I'll time my October Magnetic Poetry post with the Day and do a few other bits and bobs as well.


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