How Did my Garden Grow?

After my allotment assessment here's my review of my gardening year in 2007:

What's Hot

Clematis obelisks - 3 new ones 'planted' last year, plus 13 new Clematis plants. All flowered prolifically this year

Gravel planting - a totally new (for me) experimental planting of herbs, alpines & Cyclamen in the gravelled path edges and side garden

RHS Membership - my Christmas pressie from NAH last year. A new monthly magazine to drool over, plus visits to Jekka McVicar's herb farm in May and the RHS Great Autumn show in October were inspirational

Willow weaving - learnt at Lackham College in the spring and now brightening up various garden spots as well as the allotment

What's Not

Trees blown down from the public land - see picture. I nearly lost several shrubs and an apple tree whilst we were on holiday in Wales in June. However, the Rosa 'New Dawn' and Hydrangea have appreciated the additional light in this once shady corner

Vine weevil - adults were seen much more frequently this year and in the front garden for the first time. Thankfully no sign of root damage by grubs - yet

Rain stopped play - for days (and what felt like weeks) at at time


  1. This is a great idea. I will settle down and have a think about the gardening highs and lows over the holiday.
    By the way-I have New Dawn, too

  2. Hi Judith,

    I look forward to seeing them in the New Year!


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