Plastic Recycling 2

My posting yesterday covered plastics recyclable at Wiltshire's main household recycling centres. This posting concerns the perennial problem about what to do with all those pesky plastic bags. Unfortunately I don't live in Tisbury, where they're going plastic bag free from tomorrow (hurray for Tisbury!), the first place in Wiltshire to do so. However, I do spend lots of my time in shops saying 'no thanks, I've bought my own bags' - supermarkets and most shops handle this remark very well, but my local garden centre thinks I'm mad.
In spite of all this, I still accumulate lots of plastic film (plastic type 4, or LDPE) - from cat food wrappings, vegetable bags, subscription magazine wrappers etc etc. I asked Sainsburys earlier in the year just what could be put in their plastic bag recycling boxes. Luckily, all of the above can be put in there, so I now do so after removing any labels or sticky ties first. I suggest you do too if your local supermarket has the same facility - if it doesn't, you can still recycle your clear plastic film by sending it to Polyprint Mailing Films, full details can be found here.


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