Water Load of Carols

Well, we finally did it. The Wiltshire Wailers got together on Monday night and sang their hearts out at the Neeld Hall for Christmas and Water Aid. The time just flew and the audience (composed of friends and family, so a nice sympathetic one) were really appreciative. The most frequent comment I heard was that the concert was too short, so we can't have been that bad! In the best concert traditions, we even had a support group, The Harmony Junkies - 12 people who get together to sing close harmony songs ranging from blues, through pop and even a song in Spanish based on a shoe box label! Then it was our turn and we sang:
  1. The Holly and the Ivy - to a much better tune than the traditional one
  2. Aka si rekisho - traditional Georgian song, Bradford on Avon Choir only
  3. Shedrik - Ukrainian New Year's carol, currently being used for various advertisements
  4. Careless Love - Blues song, Hullavington Choir only
  5. Gaudete - 5 of us volunteered to sing the 4th verse
  6. Under the Boardwalk - our choir's solo piece, we subversive sopranoes managed to get the Bridge right for once!
  7. Patapan - originally French, sang the descant on the last verse
  8. Field Mice's Carol - the lovely poem from The Wind in the Willows, with us all decked out in hats, scarves and general Christmas bling!

The best part is we've raised over £300, which is enough to provide fresh, clean water for nearly 500 people in Zambia.


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