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Reading Metro on the train today, I found out it's UN International Volunteer Day. This was very apt as I was on my way to Swindon for my weekly day at Heelis, the environmetally friendly National Trust HQ at the time. I'm currently working in the Gardens & Parks department, sorting out some of their archives and also advising on project manangement for an exciting new project (more in a later post!). I need to gain more knowledge of plant Latin for my RHS course, the National Trust need someone with project management experience, so my current volunteer position provides a good match.

I'm passionate about volunteering and have had some of my best ever experiences as a volunteer in a wide variety of ways. I'll be writing about some of these during national Volunteers' Week next year. There's a rich variety of opportunities out there, so there's bound to be something that will float your boat. So do have a look at the Trust's volunteer or the itsallaboutU websites for more information.

Thanks to the National Trust for letting me copy their Volunteer flyer postcard to illustrate this posting.


  1. Uh Oh. Not a lovely English blog showing all wonderful things to see and do in England! Yikes!

    * potentially moving to the UK from the frozen wastelands.

  2. Yep, 'fraid so and more. I see you also like Britcoms, so check out my article on 'Grace Brothers Revisited'

    If you do move to the UK, how does this fit with your liking of Mediterranean climes?



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