Pursed Lips

Well, the deeper dig into my purse revealed:
Goodies - £18.93 in cash, £2 Boots voucher (from a shower gel market research session in Brum last year), Wiltshire Wailers ticket & Artist Pass, allotment manure supplier phone number, 2x 1st class stamps, 8x 2nd class stamps, 3x phone cards (2 BT, 1 Spanish - to be relegated to the Baddies section if they don't work), 1 passport photo of a much younger me
Baddies - 1 work security pass (the building closed 7 years ago), 27x rail tickets, 3x underground rail tickets (1 London, 2x Stockholm used in 1997), Springfield Centre Gym Pass (Corsham, dated 5/2/1995), 2x advert cards (Bath restaurant & employment agency), 2x sales vouchers (rail and charity shop), 1 newspaper cutting for the Complete Guide to SIPPS (I must have been worried about pensions at some point)
Sentimental value - 2x Cardiff Uni photocopier cards (last used in 1994), a business card from Judd Howell of the US Dept. of the Interior, California Science Center (I volunteered on his small mammal/vegetation research project in 1996), Water Research Centre Booklet - Safety precautions for those working in contact with Sewage (needed for when I splashed about in rivers doing fish/invertebrate research in 1994 and subsequently kept for local river monitoring with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust)
As you can see from the picture, I've now cast out vast slabs of rubbish from my bag. My walk to the station will be much more skippity skip next week!


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