What's in my Bag?

A post I found on Turquoise Lisa's site made me reach guiltily for my rucksack the other day. She'd cleared out her bag and is now skipping around much less laden and carefree after getting rid of all her detritus.
I'd been feeling that there were a couple of extra bricks in my bag lately, so I guiltily peeked in there. It was a bit like an archaelogical dig into my life from the past decade or so. Here's what I found:

Common sense things - keys, purse, raincoat in a bag (for summer emergencies when I don't have a coat), glasses, credit cards, cheque book, mobile phone, deodorant, tissues, emergency sewing kit, 3x 'Bags for Life' (so I can say 'no' to all that plastic on offer at the supermaket checkout), dentist's appointment card for 12/12/2008, work security pass, National Trust Volunteer pass, biro, 1 minty lipsalve

What how many? - 2x pairs sunglasses, 2x open packs cough sweets (not furry luckily), 2x open packs paracetamol, 50 x rail tickets (Jan 2006 - May 2007), 2x rail season ticket holders, 10 till receipts (rail tickets, restaurant, hairdresser, charity shop & 1 completely illegible), 6x out of date appointment cards (3x dentist - as far back as 2002, 2x hairdresser, reflexologist), 2x train timetables (current and the last one), 2x building society deposit slips (from last year), 18x various tourist information leaflets (Somerset, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Bristol & Bath)

Just plain daft - 3x empty garden gift voucher cards (I like the pictures!), a skittles game from a cracker, work pool car driving permit (expired 2/2/2006), lots of crumpled purple Post-it page markers (for marking up my coursebooks ready for my Business Analysis Diploma exams 2 years ago), hairdresser loyalty swipe card (defunct at least 2 years ago), contact numbers for my fellow work Special Olympics volunteers from 4 years ago, an unopened letter from work (open it, it won't bite you!), local garden centre newsletter (July 2006)

I haven't even begun on my purse yet, I'm saving that for tomorrow...


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit I actually just put it all back in again (minus a few receipts and random bits of paper).

  2. No wonder you felt like you are carrying 2 extra bags. You are a worse hoarder than I am!!

  3. Hi Lisa - oooh and I made you sound so good in my post ;-)!

    Threadspider - guilty as charged! However, I feel much better now after the clearout of both my bag and purse.


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