2007's New Year's Resolutions

I'm finishing off my posts for this year by reviewing my NYRs for 2007.
I'm happy to report that the pictured exercise bike purchased on New Year's Day did not become 'a clothes horse within a fortnight' as predicted by the delivery man, but has been regularly used all year.
I've also recycled more and told you what I've found out about plastics recycling here in Wiltshire.
I've also lost weight - not as much as I'd have liked, but the lost weight has stayed off all year, so I'll still count it as a successful resolution.
My only lack of success was my resolution to start swimming again. Yes, I bought a new cossie on New Year's Day, but I don't think its solo outing at Centre Parcs 2 weeks ago really counts - this one will have to be carried forward into 2008.


  1. Hi VP, I am really struggling to keep up with all the blogs I have discovered and who have discovered me. When I get more time I am going to scour through yours, from what I have seen from your newest posts they are really interesting and I like your photos too. Back to this post, our exercise bike became a clothes horse, that delivery man did have a point! I recycle as much as I can and tell off my other half if he puts anything suitable for the box in the bin! I lost a little bit of weight but I really want to lose more this year. After every holiday abroad I say I am going to learn to swim properly, do I ever. Anyway I am really impressed with what you have done in 2007, keep up the good work, you have given me inspiration especially on the weight front! Best wishes for 2008. Louise x

  2. Hi Louise - Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all your kind words. As for your clothes horse etc. 2007 is no more, so who knows what 2008 will bring!

    Like you, I also need some time to sit down and go through the blogs I've discovered and find out more. That's part of the fun though isn't it? I love your layout, much more interesting than mine, so it shows I've still got lots to learn. Your photos are good too. Needless to say I'll be stopping by on your site in 2008!


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