Gastronomic Delights

An unexpected discovery from last week's visit to Jolly Red was the smokery next door. This was the imaginitive venue for our lunch break (included in the course fee) and proved to be a delightful find. Brown and Forrest are a traditional smokery, who started by smoking eels in 1981 and have progressed into smoking all kinds of meats and cheese, whilst collecting a clutch of foodie awards and accolades along the way.

Their busy restaurant was the perfect way of sampling their fares. I tried the smoked eel for starters, served on rye bread with a simple accompaniament of beetroot and horseradish. It was sublime and I now understand why eel is such a gourmets delight. I chose the pork loin with salad and garlic potatoes for my main course and this was also delicious. I'd forsaken (:-0) my usual liking for puddings in favour of maximising my sampling of the smokery's products. I was glad I did - the Bread and Butter pudding and Chocolate Judy with Chocolate Sauce chosen by my companions were generously portioned and looked deliciously calorie laden. I suspect I would have snoozed the afternoon away on the course had I joined them!

The restaurant is open at lunchtimes only and it's advisable to book - even for a late November Tuesday. It's also located close to a number of attractions, such as John Leach's pottery, Burrow Hill Cider Farm plus a number of National Trust properties, which would form a very pleasant weekend away. Failing that, there's always the website to visit, should your appetites crave delicious traditionally smoked fare.

Thanks to Brown and Forrest for letting me use their logo from their website.


  1. I like this post, funnily enough I have a post on a smokery on my home blog but this one is on Dungeness beach, we have smoked haddock from there, and is delicious, so I can imagine what lovely cuisine you had. I also love art pottery ie Bernard Leach, so very interested to here of John Leach and National Trust properties, I really need say no more!

  2. Hi This is My Patch,

    Glad you like the post. Perhaps I've tempted you away from Kent for a weekend away? I think we'll be doing the same!

    Do I remember correctly that Derek Jarman's garden is also on Dungeness Beach?


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