Deck the Halls III

Here's some of the results from today's SUP Christmas decoration session. We managed to create an amazing number of decorations, bearing in mind the vast amount of supping, chatting and eating we also managed to pack into the afternoon! These are now wending their way to Bath to help brighten up the scene over there.


  1. I've been soooo rubbish with decs this year! nice to see other people making the effort!

  2. Hi VP

    I was hoping you'd post some pics of the wreaths. I cut some willow withies on Monday and they're sitting on my drive. I've done some hedge laying so I thought I'd just apply the same principles as for binding to make a bit of a wreath. There's some Holly that's been cut on the allotment and I'll stick that in too.

    You posted about hedge folklore - such a rich subject - I always plant holly in a hedge so the witches don't get a clear run along the top.

    The five-pointed wreath is pretty and it looks easy enough to have a go.

    I think you have Christmas cracked though - it really is about getting together with friends and eating too many mince pies.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Glad you like them!

    Simon - that's exactly what you need to do. You may need a teensy bit of wire to get started with, but should be able to add in further willow wands without needing to secure them. A touch of holly will make a luxury wreath this year - have you heard it's in short supply? Not so with mistletoe though. Apparently the summer wet was good for mistletoe but not holly!


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