Stargazing Time

It's time to turn your eyes heavenwards again after last month's Comet Holmes. Tonight and tomorrow it's the turn of the Geminid meteor shower. It's predicted to be the best yet, and previous years' have been pretty spectacular in my experience. I actually saw a couple of shooting stars last night whilst looking at Orion at about midnight, so I've started early this year.


  1. Nice to have you visit my blog, I'd love to be receiving those violent veg cards. Re your post, I am always so keen to see anything happening up above, but very rarely do I get to see anything, either I forget or there is too much cloud. I remember as a kid seeing a comet, I can't remember which one, could it have been Haleys, that is the only one I know!

  2. Hi this is my patch! Thanks for having a look. Unfortunately the skies were cloudy here this year, so I didn't get to see anything either!


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