Click on picture to enlarge if needed. Clockwise from top left: 1. Heuchera 'Chocolate Ruffles' 2. Fence topper detail 3. Unknown alpine 4. Fence detail 5. Crocosmia 'Lucifer' 6. Pinus 7. Shed detail 8. Fern 9. Berberis

Thanks to PatientGardener's reminder yesterday, I managed to rush out to bring you today's sample of the glittery, frosty wonderland out in the garden just before it melted away. Of course the few flowers I have in the garden are looking a bit sorry for themselves at the moment. I wonder if they'll recover in time for Garden Bloggers Blooms Day?

NB Happy Mouffetard and Victoria also posted lovely frosted scenes yesterday, as did Gary and Karen last week :)


  1. It sure was frosty yesterday, but really nice in the sun as there was no wind.
    It makes for some good photos as well!
    Have a good week. xx

  2. lovely frost pics - i like the shed detail!

  3. Glad I encouraged you to explore your frosty garden!

  4. VP .. Excellent picture of the frost girl !
    I think we actually skipped frost and went straight into winter conditions here .. I normally would have had some frost pictures at some point.
    Dr.Who !!! my friend near Shropshire said you will be getting the next ones during Xmas holidays ? .. You HAVE to tell me what happens girl ... this is a cliff hanger with everyone in it ! Yikes !!

  5. It was below 20 F here this morning!

    Your frosty photos are beautiful. I know we all hate this cold weather arriving so early everywhere.


  6. Is this the famous English hoarfrost we have all read about! I love your photos...beautiful. Gail

    ps Our high school song spoke of the hoary walls and we all laughed in teenage ingnorance! Gail

  7. Gorgeous photos. It almost makes the scraping of ice off the car for the last week worthwhile.

    SomeBeans took some lovely ones of Heucheras yesterday - we were fighting over the camera.

  8. Gorgeous photos today VP! The garden looks lovely when it is frosted, so sparkly. :)

  9. I must stop being such a wimp and get myself out camera in hand one of these frosty mornings. Some great shots there and another heuchera to be added to my wish list.

  10. Beautiful frost shots! I love the way the frost highlights the shape of the Heuchera leaf. Frost is a distant memory from November here, as everything is buried under a thick layer of snow.

  11. Hey VP, see my posts for yesterday

  12. Lovely images from your blessed acre VP

  13. Such gorgeous pictures, VP! I love the way the frost softens all the colours, so they all harmonise so beautifully. I agree with HappyM, it almost makes scraping the ice off the car worthwhile. Except the other night, when I was late for the school concert...

  14. Flighty - thank you and you have a good week too!

    Karen - I suspect ShedMan might like it too? ;)

    PG - thank you - I needed a kick up the b*m to get off the computer and into the garden!

    Joy - I think that's happened to most Canadians hasn't it? As for Dr Who, watch this space!

    Cameron - brrrr! That's chilly. For me the winter weather's a bit of a novelty at the moment, but I can understand why you don't think so in the US. We get off lightly here in comparison!

    Gail - I'm answering your question on Thursday as a YAWA post...

    HM - luckily NAH and I saw this was a problem and got a camera each! And yes I had a lovely time snapping away - 90 photos!

    PG - thank you so much!

    Anna - do get out and take some frosty shots, it's most bracing. Chocolate Ruffles is one of my favourites. As of Saturday I have another Heuchera to find space for - H. 'Blackcurrant' :)

    MMD - I'm glad you like them and didn't the frost and Heuchera behave well to combine like that?!

    SOL - on my way!

    TS - thank you and see you later :)

    Victoria - thank you and HM's right as ever. As for being late for the school concert, are you forgiven yet?


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