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Friday, 19 December 2008

Random Thoughts From Abroad

I was tagged ages ago by Gardening 4 Life (sorry it's taken so long to respond!) for the 6 random things meme. I've played before (here and here if you're interested, with a little variation on the theme), but decided to bring a little order to my usual chaotic ramblings and bring you six firsts this time around. They're the first ones I thought of, thus the randomness of this meme is preserved ;)
  1. First memory - being pushed in my pram by my mum. I was wearing a bright yellow romper suit at the time.
  2. First book - Grimms' Fairy Tales. These are the darker, more scary tales on the whole and I snuggled onto my mum's lap whilst she read them to me.
  3. First kiss (not family) - a boy I met at the local swimming baths when I was 10. Most of us had free swim passes as kids, so most of the holidays were spent down at the local pool. I probably looked like a prune at the time as I'd have been in the water for about 3 hours.
  4. First gardening memory - cutting down an enormous amount of grass to make a hay bed to sunbathe on in the back garden as a teenager. Gardening wasn't dad's strongest point back then, though all that changed after I left home.
  5. First home grown vegetable - potatoes as I was using them for their 'claybreaker' properties in the garden of our newly built house.
  6. First home grown fruit - strawberries, in the same plot as the potatoes.
At this point I should nominate 6 people to pass this meme onto. However, I reckon most people will be too busy thinking about Christmas to want to play. If you do want to play tag, just link back to me, say what your 6 random facts are and nominate 6 others to play. That's if you want to go by the rules of course, feel free to bend them just as I have done.


  1. *hee hee hee * I love it! MUCH fun to sift through the flakes of the blizzard of memories....

  2. Hi Kat - it's good fun isn't it? Does this mean you're going to share your six? ;)

  3. True confessions! Potatoes aren't usually a beginner's veg. I'm impressed at your early success. Obviously it was only the beginning.


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