Things In Unusual Places #8: Santa

This amused me last Thursday whilst we were waiting for the Sandbanks ferry back to Poole. The staff have decorated the natural vegetation surrounding the toll booths with baubles and tinsel, plus this rather surprising view of Santa. It was a welcome injection of humour on a very cold day.


  1. What a hoot the Santa in the shrubbery was! I was flipping back through your other "Things in Unusual Places" and read the one about astroturf being given out at the garden show. It reminded me of walking past a park in New York City where there were children playing and dogs running, and dogs pooping - All on a huge lawn of astroturf. It made me queasy just to think of it. Football fields - OK, but parks - NO!

  2. Most amusing good that you had your trusty camera to hand.

  3. Good one!! Just as well he didn't get caught up in the barbed wire.

  4. Oh dear, do you think his sleigh is riding over Poole Harbour santaless?

  5. Hi everyone - glad this cheered you up!

    Grethic - we've had reports of UFOs lately, I wonder if it was Santa's sleigh on the loose ;)

  6. Strange things often happen in Poole - I should know, I used to live there.

  7. Martyn - that explains a lot then ;)


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