ABC Wednesday 5: V is for...

... Vacant

I was feeling pretty vacant about what to post for V this time around until a couple of days ago when I was reviewing which photographs to feature in my walk around Bristol. I'd also been pondering how best to introduce the concept of Quirky Offices to you, then Voila! the perfect match was found :)

I'm wondering if they're using Quirky in its architectural sense, as I outlined for Q's ABC Wednesday. It's possible, but for some reason I can't get the picture of rather oddly shaped rooms out of my head...

For other posts on the subject of V, have a look at the ABC Wednesday blog.


  1. The mind boggles as to what qurky might mean

  2. Quirky and vacant could start a whole new theme! Greatly fun thoughts and post!

  3. Vacant and quirky hmm interesting.

  4. vacant BECAUSE it's quirky, I gather

  5. I love the British term "to let." The words have a pixie-ish sound. Dare I call it quirky. We North Americans sound flat and bland with our "for rent."

  6. Quirky vacancy, maybe the contract has some unusual passages?

    I want to thank you for responding to Ashley at the Biscuit place. James had told me I would not have anything up until after the new year and since we have company coming any minute I didn't check in over there. He has done that before. But to the point, thanks. Family, you know. :-)

  7. PG - exactly.

    Tumblewords and Joanne - thank you :)

    Roger - yep, that's just about the size of it

    Helen - I've never thought of it that way, but it is rather quaint now you come to mention it!

    Frances - I don't know about the contract, but the premises certainly had some unusual passages leading to where the offices were ;) No problem about responding to Ashley, that ice cream looks absolutely yummy - I want to try some!

  8. Oh, yes, so much fun to imagine what might be inside there!

    Or maybe the guy who built them was called Mr Quirky? LOL!

  9. That's a good one Jay ;)


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