ABC of Weather: Questions

Bluebells in yesterday's sunshine, Westonbirt Arboretum (click to enlarge if needed)

Every week on my Weather ABC I've asked the question How's the weather with you today? So I see no reason why I shouldn't ask you again now we've reached the letter Q ;)

Here it's sunny, but rather cold for the time of the year. Showers are forecast for later, so I'm expecting NAH and I will have to dodge those when we go on our trip to Cirencester by popping into a convenient cafe for a cuppa and a slice of squishy cake :)

There's no need to Queue if you hop along to the ABC Wednesday blog for more Quintessential delights...


  1. Hi VP! Miss you too. The weather here is cold, and I have a cold, a terrible one, so I hope I haven't given it to you. I wish you wouldn't mention things like squishy cake in Cirencester. Especially when I am here in Wandsworth drinking Lemsip!

  2. Weather - sunny but COLD, I'm still in bed with the flu though and high temp.
    uuummmmmmm cake!
    Did you get my e-mail by the way??

  3. Apparently it's going down to zero here tonight! :o - I have put fleece jackets over my potatoes.

    Enjoy your squishy cake :-D

  4. Rainy and cold. Oh, I guess the rain actually stopped. Well, cloudy and cold, then.

  5. Quiveringly shivery today VP - perfect cake eating weather :)

  6. My dear it's a tad warm here at near 30C~We glisten as we work in the garden...The wonderful wool coat I had to have in Malvern to keep warm is packed away until next winter;-) Miss the heck out of you! xxgail ps I am still collecting words/phrases used to describe English weather

  7. Hot, windy, cold, calm, dusty, clear. All at once. Spring.

    No tornadoes or thunderstorms so far, though.

  8. Weather cold and wet.

    On behalf of the ABC Wed. team, thanks for participating.

  9. What beautiful bluebells - they're out here too - and the sun is shining!!!

  10. ALB: Early this morning, incredible fog, but it's burned off. Near freezing this morning (34F, 1C) but getting up to the low 60sF, 16-18C).

    BTW, I always found it easy to remember that 16C is almost 61F (it's 60.8F, but close enough.)

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  11. Finally, finally. Two sunshine filled days with warm temperatures - hope for spring materializes after all this time! :)

  12. Our weather's been rainy and chillier than the average May - much as it has been the last couple of years.

  13. Thanks for your weather reports everyone :)

    Today is set to get warmer - yipee!


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