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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

ABC of Weather: Sunshine

Sunshine is an essential ingredient to make any garden sing, just like it did whilst we (Victoria, Patient Gardener and I) were whizzing around Wisley on Tuesday. Thanks Victoria for kindly taking us there on such a perfect day prior to our afternoon visit to Chelsea Flower Show :)

How's the weather with you today? Hurrah, there's still plenty of sunshine here which has finally brought the Clematis in my back garden into full flower.

Chelsea coverage will resume tomorrow and I'll be telling you more about Wisley shortly.

ABC Wednesday has plenty more in the way of S to show you...


  1. It was a great pleasure, VP! It's a great treat for me to go garden visiting with other gardeners.

  2. We had a little rain yesterday--always a bonus in these parts.

  3. we had a thunderstorm early a.m. involving much lightening & wind. left a few thousand w/out electric to the west of us. lowered the temp back down into the 70s/80s--a huge relief from the 95+ of yesterday!

  4. Had same weather in Albany as Petoskystone had. Much nicer today.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  5. Victoria - here's hoping we go garden visiting again soon :)

    Susan - we've had some rain too - most welcome after almost nothing for 2 months

    Petoskystone - crumbs we were melting in the late 70s heat on Monday, nver mind 95+!

    Roger - you're welcome!


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