Spot the Difference

My allotment - end of April 2010

My allotment - End April 2008

I had a bit of a surprise last week - can you spot what's missing?


  1. Miss, Miss, I think I know Miss. There's 2 big trees missing Miss. Am I right huh? Am I?

  2. next doors trees have gone and you have straightened your water but up too!

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  4. what an interesting item to remove! what happened?

  5. There seems to be a different arrangement of sheds, as well.

  6. Washing up bowl is gone. :p

  7. At first my pick was that water bottles had been replaced by tires. Now I'm going with the two big trees in the background being gone.

    Christine in Alaska

  8. Geez, I really need to start getting more sleep. I didn't notice the missing trees until I cheated and looked at the comments.
    (Word verification: bakeme)

  9. Can't believe I missed the trees too!

  10. Trees! - I hope that will give you a little more sunlight. (VP sorry but I wasn't able to participate in your RHS biodiversity competition piece - I think the date for entries must have closed ages ago)

  11. The big evergreen is gone. While I like trees, more sun is always good for an allotment!

  12. Do you know why they cut the two trees down? Fun post!

  13. What is that saying - can't see wood for trees! The trees the trees - on subject of which I went to Westonbirt this week for the first time in years. Very good.

  14. Yes it's the removal of the trees which took me by surprise, though all the other differences you spotted count, especially the removal of next door plot's shed.


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