A Very Warm Welcome to Independent Readers :)

Thanks for visiting after reading this weekend's 50 Best Gardens which I hope will inspire you to visit a number of them this year. I love garden visiting and you'll find more ideas here together with some useful links to help plan your visits.

You may also like to visit my garden from the comfort of your armchair: I put together a tour right here on the internet a couple of years ago in the style of a NGS visit, which raised over £1,000 for WaterAid.

Veg Plotting isn't just about garden visiting or vegetables: it's about the thoughts which occur to me whilst up at my plot. So it's more of an eclectic mix of gardening, vegetable growing, life here in Chippenham and anything else which I find interesting. Why not dive in and explore a bit further? You'll find a new readers section on the right hand sidebar to help get you started, or you can have a look at what's been on my mind this week by just scrolling down this page.

If you like wildlife gardening then you may be interested in the competition I'm running at the moment to win a year's membership of the RHS. Full details can be found here and the closing date is May 9th.

Regular readers have probably gathered I have something in The Independent today, which I'm very chuffed about. It's a joint effort with Victoria, who really should get the lion's share of the credit. She's been very generous about our partnership and explains what we've been up to in her usual delightful way here. Thanks Victoria for such a great opportunity - I enjoyed working on this very much :)


  1. We are trying to suction all the info about England, its gardens, you and Victoria, everything so we will know what is going on when we arrive for Malvern. It is glaringly clear that you have been one very busy lady! :-)

  2. I thought that I recognised your name when I read that online yesterday. You list some wonderful gardens some that I've been to and many that I'd like to visit!
    Happy gardening! Flighty xx


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