Garden Bloggers in the Rain

As I said last Friday, our Fling trip to The Bloedel Reserve didn't have the best of weather. NAH and I hadn't really dressed for this eventuality, so it was rather a relief that the Reserve had a plentiful stock of umbrellas for us and quite a few others to borrow. My previous post on Meeting Blogging Friends shows NAH posing with ours.

Whilst we had an umbrella large enough for two, NAH did make sure he wiped each branch we went under so I was showered with raindrops. By the end of the day I was thoroughly soaked but instead of me getting all cross with him, it just gave us fits of the giggles. So what could have been a miserable day turned into lots of fun.

I had the same fits of giggles when trying to photograph Jim under his umbrella (see above) as I wanted a picture of the Reserve's logo. He's using the umbrella to protect his camera and tripod, but was finding the space rather tight to work within. So it ended up twirling around like something out of Singing in the Rain as he tried to find a comfortable spot. I hope Jim doesn't mind this photo as I'm hoping he'll let me have a copy of the group picture he took of us all on the ferry. It's such a super shot, how about it Jim?

You've seen this umbrella before as it featured in my post about Hakonechloa and other grasses. Hiding beneath it is Katie Elzer-Peters. I also have a portrait version of this shot as I was considering it as a cover photograph alongside the one I eventually chose for my Bloedel Reserve Special.

There was often an opportunity to take blogger-to-blogger photographs and here Nan is demonstrating that holding a brolly whilst taking a picture can be rather tricky. Guess what the grass is at the bottom of the picture?

Here I was struck by the similar jaunty angle of Susan's umbrella as the hat on her bag. Our umbrellas were also a good opportunity to introduce a contrasting jolt of colour into the dullness of the day.

And finally, how many garden bloggers can you spot in this picture? Is it the same number as there are umbrellas?

Update: Many thanks to those of you who responded with suggestions for how I can present my Bloedel Reserve posts in a magazine format. I've since realised that I already have a way to do this as I have a copy of Page Plus which I need to load up and have a play with. This post might get the 'magazine treatment' at a later date and once I've got to grips with the software, I'm anticipating that at least one of the posts from last Friday's 'cover' will get presented in this way.


  1. amazing garden! that pic really drives home the enormity of that garden.

  2. I love your umbrella post. It seemed that the umbrellas often matched the personality of the blogger beneath it. I think I have a picture of Jim in the rain from Buffalo last year. I was in awe of his persistence in using expensive equipment in challenging weather.

  3. Petoskystone - it's vast. There's more to come :)

    MMD - thank you. I think the brolly we borrowed suited our personalities ;)

  4. love the wooden walkway - compliments surroundings so well

  5. i doodle garden - welcome! It's just fab isn't it?


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