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After years of teasing me mercilessly about my blogging activities NAH now has a blog all of his own: Sentinel Steam Loco 7109. Some of you know this already because you've kindly popped over from my Local Vocals list on the right hand sidebar. What could be more local than someone else blogging from the same house?

As you can see, NAH's blog is completely different to mine and is charting his progress in restoring Joyce, described by him as his 28 ton girlfriend. She resides at Midsomer Norton and is in a much sorrier state than the above picture showing her in her heyday.

NAH is rather chuffed to be getting so many visitors from Veg Plotting, so he's written a welcoming post especially for you. He's even gone to the trouble to make it garden related. Not bad for an engineer. NAH has invented a blogname for me in a similar vein to how he appears here, though you'll have to take the above link to find out what it is ;)

If you haven't already, do pop over and say hello!


  1. Visited, commented and wished him happy steaming! Flighty xx

  2. Good job on corrupting the other half into blogging - she who laughs last etc.... Have popped over to say hello, but shall continue to think of you as VP. Do you get to play in the station greenhouse?

  3. Hey, what's happening to the world - another Chippenham blogger; we must be the centre of the bloggosphere Ha.
    I popped over to say hello.
    Check my blog for an interview I did recently.

  4. Called in to say hello to NAH and chuckled at your other name.

  5. ...he would like to thank all for their kind bloggospherical encouragement. He doesn't think his teasing was merciless but will keep trying. He's also been trying to persuade his other half to help in the Midsomer Norton station gardens but so far has had no success. Anyone else interested? Clearly he's just 'trying'!

  6. Thanks everyone for your visits, following and comments over at NAH's blog :)


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