GBBD: A Spiky Visitor

I've taken advantage of the extra space up at the allotment this year to grow lots of Dahlias for cutting. Regular readers know of my love for this flower, particularly D. 'Moonfire', which miraculously survived our coldest December in over a century out in the garden snuggled under its Dahlia duvet. It's been flowering its socks off since early July.

I usually keep my flowers firmly in the garden, apart from sweet peas - which need lots of cutting so they'll keep on producing blooms rather than going to seed anyway - and any daffodils which get knocked over by spring winds or heavy rain. I feel that cutting my flowers shortens their lifespan, so I'd rather enjoy them outside and for longer.

However, it does feel rather decadent - and luxurious - to have an excess of Dahlias which I can cut for display on my kitchen window. Besides, I'll see these for longer if I bring them home, even though there's lots of work to be done on the plot.

It's the first time I've successfully grown the cactus type of Dahlia too and as they don't need to fit in with any particular garden scheme, I've chosen one of the lipstick pink variety. Just because I can. Isn't she an absolute floozy? However, a frantic fit of tidying up before we had friends to stay last month means I've recycled the front of the tuber's packet which I'd diligently kept for an occasion such as this post :(

So you'll just have to enjoy it as it is then ;)

Have you done anything out of the ordinary or outrageous with your blooms this year?

Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day is hosted by Carol (Hi Carol - great to see you last month!) at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Mmmm. Stunning photo and an awesome choice of colour VP - and I'm glad it's not just me who looses the labels! :)

  2. She is very luscious. I can imagine her in a vase with David Howard and some acid green foliage.

    I did buy a whole load of dahlia tubers to plant at the lottie this year, have just rediscovered them at the back of the shed :( Opps!

    WV is muskpant (must plant?)

  3. Are you going to lift any of your Dahlias for the winter? After years of hating them I have suddenly started to like them and have bought more this year. I don't think I dare leave them out - even though I am in a fairly benign part of the south east.

  4. I'm with you on flowers should be in the garden (apart from Sweet Peas). Though I do have some of Karen's Dahlias (wind damage) at the moment.
    I am going to have to try a duvet this year as I had one of Karen's (who is this woman!) dahlia plants off her the other week. Though if we have another bad winter, with the high water table in my garden the results might not be what I hope for.
    Sorry, not done anything outrageous.

  5. I am not tried growing dahlias, but there is no denying their beauty. Your one photo is enough to fill pages of blooming beauty. happy gbbd!

  6. As a fellow dahlia lover, I like your style! I really enjoy the cactus dahlias, and that one is a doozy.

  7. Hi everyone - so glad you like this bloom and I hope you had a good Blooms Day :)

    And a big warm welcome to The Sage Butterfly!

    NB Dobby - a high water table sounds bad news re overwintering your Dahlias. Besides, you're much further north than I am and have the cold breath of Snowdonia to content with.

  8. Great picture! In fact, great blog site. I happened upon your page whilst researching local allotment groups. I'm not too far from you over near Bath.

    Added a link tot your site from my blog, looking forward to reading more in the future.

  9. ......... etc - welcome :)


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