Meeting Blogging Friends in Seattle

Thank goodness arriving late for the party (by one day) didn't mean I missed out on a warm welcome when I joined the others at the Seattle Garden Bloggers Fling.

NAH strikes a pose at the Bloedel Reserve - thank goodness that brolly was big enough for 2!
NAH decided to come with me too (after sending many emails to him with links to goodies marked Persuasion), which was the first time everyone met the both of us. On the way to breakfast on the first day, NAH suggested he went in first so that no-one would catch on it was him. We were both unprepared for the screams of delight when I showed up, not only from Gail, Frances and Victoria who were at breakfast together, but also from Barbara and Carol on the same table! Blog regulars Pam, Dee and Cindy soon joined in the welcome party :)

Tales of the gardens we visited will follow in due course. It was a packed programme with lots to see and marvel on each day, but I feel the most important thing to show you for my first gardening post from Seattle are some photos of my fellow friends from the Fling...

Kylee and her mum negotiate the steps at the Epping Garden

... after all, it was almost impossible to photograph the gardens we visited without at least one of them getting into the shot ;)

Lots of chances to make new friends including Judy (far left) Andrea (2nd left), Nan (3rd left), Annaliese (4th left) and Mary Ann (far right). I'd love to know who the others are!

If Frances isn't seeking or taking a photograph, there's plenty of notes to be taken

Frances was always on the move...

I wonder what's in there Barbara?

... and Barbara was always seeking the perfect shot.

Gail and Victoria looking cool at the Bellevue Botanic Gardens

After being warned about the miserable weather the Pacific North West had had this summer, some people were surprised they had to buy a hat!

It was tough for Victoria and I not to be able to buy any plants to bring home, but who cares when fellow blogger pals like Melanthia are full of smiles with their haul at Dragonfly Farm?

Look what I got!

It's been lots of fun going through my 1,000+ photos from the holiday and my biggest smiles are when I see my fellow flingers in action. I'm also sad I haven't managed to get pictures of everyone I spoke to, especially those who've regularly visited me here at VP Gardens. Apologies to everyone who's been left out or I can't name at the moment - that wasn't my intention at all. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers who've all posted about their time in Seattle and can help plug the gaps.

Lorene flung open her garden as well as being on the organising committee

Thank goodness also for Lorene, Marty, Debra and Mary Anne who not only put together a marvellous programme for over 70 of us to enjoy, but also stayed calm and full of humour throughout the hectic four days. They've also had the presence of mind to post a group picture of themselves which I never achieved, heading up their request for everyone's links to their posts about Seattle.

Go forth to the above link and enjoy...

...more blogger pics to come... :)


  1. What fun! I'm glad you had a good time. Hope NAH did, too. :-D

  2. It was great fun to meet you and share in your gardening wisdom. Great people, great plants, great gardens. Nothing better.

  3. glad you enjoyed yourself! will nah be blogging about the enticements?

  4. It was so great to meet you in person, and the hubby! You guys and Victoria win the prize for longest distance traveled to the Fling. It's worth it, though, isn't it?

  5. What a blast it was. I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting all of us, as we enjoyed meeting you. I was trying to get a shot of the jasmine (?); it really does look like I walk around with a camera stuck to my face. Great shot of Gail & Victoria. I think the blonde in black might be Willi Galloway.

  6. Lucky you to get to go to a fling! It looks like you had a great time as well as meeting up with a fun bunch of like-minded people! :)

  7. Susan - we both had a grand time. Sorry you couldn't make it, but most understandable under the circumstances. Take care.

    Layanee - great to meet you too! I see you've made a much better job of capturing our fellow bloggers than I did. Hope to see you the next time you're in the UK.

    Petoskystone - NAH has already started. I see you're now following hime too :)

    Pam - I was thrilled to meet you at last. It was well worth the long trip :D

    MMD - it was fab and I'm so glad we had time for a long conversation on the bus. Thanks for helping to fill in the blanks.

    NG - yes I'm very lucky indeed. Now reality is hitting us hard...

  8. ...NAH didn't find it at all easy posing at 45 degrees!

  9. One of the highlights was meeting you and your NAH and Victoria, too. Interesting to hear that you've actually been to Indianapolis, too!

  10. NAH - you seem to have recovered from the experience!

    Carol - lovely to meet you and it was interesting hear about how Indianapolis has changed since we were there in 1992 :)


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