OOTS: Birmingham's Mini Roundabout

Birmingham's 'mini' roundabout* has cheered me up considerably on my recent trips to the city. Driving along the A38, you can't fail to miss it when you reach the massive 'gateway' roundabout at Longbridge. The car used for this planting would have been made just a few yards away.

The old mini production line** is no more: the site's reduced to rubble and signs nearby say there's 47 acres ripe for development. Overall, 468 acres comprise the area in Longbridge's regeneration plan. Who knew the area was so vast? Apparently there's 27 acres of public open space included, though I've yet to find out exactly what this entails. In another ironic twist, one of the roundabout's many signs says the planting is sponsored by a Jeep dealer in nearby Rednal.

However, I do welcome the humorous touch and sense of place that's been added to this roundabout - other towns take note. Coincidentally I parked next to a new mini (sadly no relation to the old one*** as they're made by BMW) when I stopped on the way home to take this photograph.

Do you have something similar - or different for that matter - to contribute to the current edition of Out on the Streets? I have a couple of further posts lined up, so there's still time for you to participate if you do :)

* = a similar arrangement also appeared at this year's RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

** = NAH has reminded me that another name for a factory is plant, so there's also a puntastic connection ;)

*** = my first car (and NAH's) was a mini :)


  1. Hi,

    I have some amazing photos of a round-about taken from the train station at Long Eaton... You'll be stunned...

    Actually I'm being totally sarcastic, it was possibly the most woeful attempt at brightening up a round about I've ever seen!

  2. Liz - Show me, show me, SHOW ME!

  3. Hope the council either took the distributor cap out or put a wheel clamp on it!!

  4. I like the number plate. Himself is an ex mini owner too.

  5. Love the planted mini.

    I keep seeing some nice OOTS shots on my bike rides and thinking I ought to post, but my heart just hasn't been in the blogging mode until the past few days. I'll keep my eye out on this morning's ride, though, and maybe something will pop up.

  6. Esther - exactly

    Dobby - I wonder... ;)

    Anna - I think lots of our geneation had a mini as their first car (that makes me sound very old!)

    Susan - I hope you do join in - you've been such a great supporter of OOTS in the past. No pressure though

  7. You'd love the roundabouts in Boringstoke, many of them have sculpture on them, and are well planted.

    The Roundabout Appreciation Society (UKRAS) are often found exploring them!

  8. Zoe - I've come across that society before. Bonkers!


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