GBBD: Dusky Rose

October's unseasonably warm weather continues, so quite a few plants are in a slower fade than usual this month. The one surprising me the most at the moment is the pictured Rosa 'The Fairy'. I chose it as a companion for my Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' to scramble around the latter's roots and keep them cool.

Both are in a very large, tall pot next to the stone bench on my sunny patio. Whilst the clematis reaches for the sky, the rose has launched itself over the edge to mingle with the potted lavender below. This turns out to be another happy companionship as the rose has hardly any scent, whilst the lavender has plenty.

I chose the rose's dusky red form (pink and white are also available) for its richness and I've been pleased with the result. It flowers prolifically from early summer until now and I like their simplicity. There's still plenty of buds to brighten up the next few weeks, depending on how the weather goes. The flowers are similar to the red Rosa rugosa used for the estate's planting schemes nearby, thus providing a connection from my garden into its surroundings.

I found another surprise when I came to take this photo. I've been a bit lax in dead heading the spent flowers to encourage more over the summer and so I found some bright red pearl-sized rose hips ready to brighten up the winter months.

What this rose lacks in height, it certainly makes up for in length of interest in my garden :)

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  1. how large of a pot is best for clematis, rose, & lavender? grandchild #1 wishes for lavender in 'her' garden next season & it will have to be in a pot.

  2. I love happy accidents like that. I also really like the simple roses, and that one is a gloriously wanton colour. Any rose that produces hips is a winner, though it is a pity about the lack of scent. I'm greedy...

  3. Lovely colour! It's really surprising what's to be seen in the garden at the moment. Flighty xx

  4. Very vivid rose, I imagine it makes a wonderful combination with the clematis and lavender. And how nice that it rewards you with hips too.

  5. Petoskystone - lavender does well in quite a small pot. I cram 4 small plants together into one about a foot wide and tall. I do have to replace them every 3-4 years though.

    My Clematis and rose pot is much larger. As big as you can get really. You'll need to choose a Clematis which doesn't grow too tall - up to 6ft in height is best. You'll also need a small rose like the one I've chosen. Patio roses are ideal if you have them in the USA.

    Janet - I'mm a fan of simple roses too. I'd like more scent too - you really have to bury your nose in this one to find it. However, overall I'm very pleased with it

    Flighty - most surprising - I've had primroses in flower since July!

    hillwards - I'll see if I can remember to take a photo of the full combination next year :)


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