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Monday, 24 October 2011

How Advertising Works in Chippenham #25

  1. Start a vintage sales area at your garden centre
  2. Acquire some wire salmon fish traps for said area
  3. Display them prominently so the blogger with the camera is intrigued by the marriage of two of her interests: fisheries research and gardening
  4. Wait for her to notice that the suggested re-use isn't quite as desired
  5. Et Voila!
The price was quite eye watering too.


  1. Petoskystone - who said recycling was cheap? ;)

  2. That headline 'bygons' may have been a clue as to what was to follow :)

  3. Yikes!

    I know vintage is fashionable - but that's bonkers...

  4. Ffffff!!!!!

    Sweet Pea trellis - Six bamboo canes and some pea netting - £2.50

  5. Proof that good advertising doesn't necessarily mean high sales. (I would guess.)

  6. ouch! someone is having a laugh!

  7. wrong in so many ways :)

  8. Anna - well spotted ;)

    Beangenie - yikes indeed!

    Chris - I think you're overcharging ;)

    Esther - I've been offered some from a different source, Cheaper, but still v expensive. Personally I place more value on them being used for what they're meant for.

    Zoe and Lu - yep

  9. Ha ha.

    And add ludicrous price to old items - or better send to Tetbury where people will pay even more!

    Laughed today when I saw.. ' mid 20th century cupboard in traces of original paint'. So a stripped kitchen cupboard.

  10. Mark - tee hee. It's amazing how some companies/people try to pull the wool over our eyes isn't it?

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