Postcard from Castle Combe

On Friday evening NAH and I had the treat of visiting the Manor Hotel at Castle Combe for a gourmet meal on behalf of Wiltshire Magazine. It was quite simply the best we've ever had :D

As it was so unseasonably warm, we decided to take advantage of the weather and sit out on the lawn (by those umbrellas) with our pre-meal drinks, peruse the menu, and for me to interview the chef, Richard Davies. Although it was light when we arrived, there was an owl hooting in the woods to serenade us, the sunset and dusk.

Our table was set in the bay window you can see behind the fountain for the meal itself, and then we took our post dinner tea and petit fours in one of the many lounges on offer. We chose a cosy wood-panelled nook in which to gird our loins for the trip home, some four hours after we'd arrived. Next time, I think we'll be staying the night.

For once I got a little squiffy and I've been floating on a bubble of happiness ever since, despite NAH's instructions for me to up my game a bit catering-wise ;)


  1. how lovely! what meal did you all choose? (i spy my favorite autumn-scarlet shade in the photo!)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time - I can see why you would want to stay overnight :-)

  3. How wonderful! Hope the floating lasts - and tell your other half to brush of his own chef skills ;-)

  4. Sounds grand, and, no, no, I'm not envious at all! Pshaw! :)

  5. NAH could always pay for you to go to gourmet producing classes. Or go himself of course! Sounds like you had a heavenly evening though.

  6. Petoskystone - scallops, pork and pollenta cake for me, torchon,lamb and creme brulee for him :)

    EG - I've since found they do a night stay special offer from time to time. I hope it'll coincide with one of our special times some day

    Janet - I did!

    Monica - it was such a treat

    Dobby - I've been thinking of going to one at The Bistro in Devizes anyway ;)

  7. ...yes, she did get a bit squiffy! Something to do with sommelier-chosen wines for each dish.

  8. Andy aka NAH - and you weren't of course ;)

  9. I know it is fabulous there went myself last year for lunch with a friend as a special moral boost before I had a rather serious operation.

  10. Meryl - welcome and thanks for Following :) That sounds like it was a lovely thing to do. I hope you're fully recovered from your operation now.


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