A Simple Way to Help Our Orchards

I love apple trees, so October's pretty special because it's Apple Day on October 21st*. The decline of our orchards over the past 40 years or so is shocking, so I'm pleased I've found a simple way to help them, courtesy of Copella's Plant and Protect campaign.

They're planting up to 100,000 apple trees on October 21st, with the actual number depending on how many people pledge their support. I've signed up already: I've only had to supply my name and email address** and they'll plant an apple tree on my behalf. There's just under 18,000 pledges made so far and only a few days left to swell the numbers to meet their target, so it'd be great if you can add your name to the list too :)

I've also registered my apple trees. According to the National Trust's way of defining an orchard, I have one on my allotment as I have over 5 apple trees on my plot :o

The picture is of some of the apple varieties I sampled at RHS Wisley Flower Show last month. Are you doing anything for Apple Day this year?

* = judging by what I saw in Washington State in the summer, October 21st seems to be a significant date re apples in the USA too - I wonder if Common Ground's naming of this day has borne fruit over there?

** = and you can easily untick the box about receiving further offers if you're concerned this is just a way of collecting emails for marketing purposes

Update: Fancy having your own community orchard? The government has issued a how to guide to help you do just that :)


  1. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for letting us know about it - I'm going to sign up straight away.

  2. Duly pledged and my single apple tree registered!

  3. Excellent VP!
    Glad to see you've been planting them on your plot too. So far I have 14 on my little orchard but plan to increase this by another 6 or 8 next spring.
    Aldi and Netto in the UK sell young trees during the early spring months for about a fiver each and once planted they go like a rocket...
    Fabulous for the bees too!

  4. Thanks so much for letting us know about this, I'm going to pledge support right now!

    Hadn't realised local apples were in such dire straits :/

  5. Great idea, thanks for passing on the link, I am duly signed up - and dreaming of my own orchard with registered trees...

  6. what a great idea. so now you're an orchardist...who'd a thought it? ;)

  7. Have pledged VP. Tickled pink by the thought that I will have an orchard, if I introduce another two apple trees to my allotment plot. On the to be done list this winter :)

  8. Victoria and SVG - thank you :)

    Chris - I'd love to have some more, especially some of the ones local to Wiltshire. However, I don't have any more room - perhaps a community orchard is the way to go...

    Planters - welcome. They are, so more trees is good news.

    Janet - whilst I seem to have an orchard in its broadest sense, like you I'm dreaming of a full blown one

    Petoskystone - ;)

    Anna - fab, I look forward to hearing which apple varieties you choose :)


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