Postcard From Wales

I'm back from a wonderful weekend spent with Karen and Shedman of An Artist's Garden. The photo is a view of one of my favourite places in the whole world, the Mawddach Estuary taken whilst out walking with Karen and Dobby on Saturday afternoon. As you can see it was sunny in Wales :o

It was so sunny and warm, lunch was taken al fresco and I've acquired a tan! We visited Elizabeth at Welsh Hills Again and Kate from Beangenie popped in for a while, so there was plenty of time to see blogging friends :)

A more gardeny post will follow...


  1. It was a wonderful weekend - lovely to see you, and that picture is of one of my favourite places in the whole world too!

  2. It's a lovely place VP. I love Wales when it's sunny.

    I was there (Max Boyce!!) earlier in the year 'not' catching any fish...

  3. I'd agree with you there, I spent a week in Barmouth on a uni field trip doing various tests around the estuary. A stunning location!

  4. Wonderful place. Wonderful view. How much I wish too to have met the bloggers.

    One day!


  5. I popped in to meet them and they were all out as well. Wonderful picture, if you turned round you could almost see my house.P

  6. Beautiful scene!
    And the reflections in the water are perfect!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. That is the most tranquil picture beautiful.

  8. how nice to be getting a tan in october! lovely photo.

  9. Terrific photo, and it sounds like you had a most enjoyable weekend! Flighty xx

  10. I am deeply envious, it is one of my favourite places too, lovely photo.

  11. Can you come back please as you took the sun with you! It was good to see you. Glad you enjoyed your time away. Thanks for the hot chocolate, marsh mellows and cream. Sorry, was that a secret?

  12. Looks beautiful. Saturday was a glorious day just over the border in Cheshire. Just perfect for a walk by the sea in such excellent company :)

  13. Karen - it was so kind of you and Shedman to invite me :)

    Chris - I didn't catch any fish either ;)

    Damo - that's most intriguing - I'd like to know more

    Esther - it's so beautiful it hurts :)

    P - hello! Shedman said you'd called. Hopefully our paths will cross next time...

    Lea - welcome!

    Elaine, Petoskystone and Janet - thanks :)

    Fighty - I did!

    Dobby - I think the sun's due to come back any moment now. I would love to come back though.

    Shhhhhh! As NAH's away in Tywyn, I think we've got away with it ;)

    Anna - very good company indeed :)

  14. Lovely to see you and great to eat lunch outside! Sadly it has gone cold again.

  15. I have long loved the Mawddach Estuary and your lovely photo brought back some very happy memories of times spent around there in the past ....must go again soon!

  16. The estuary is fabulous place, and I so like the towns nearby: Mach. is great place and I like Dolgell. too.

    Pity the course isn't running next week - Elizabeth was coming too.

  17. Zoe - it is :)

    Elizabeth - it was great to see you and have a proper chat at last :)

    NG - so must I!

    Mark - the first thing Elizabeth said was 'Our course isn't running!'. She was just about to email me to tell me she was on it when they told her it's cancelled. Hope you're having a good week at Ty Newydd anyway :)


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