Look Out Flingers, We're Coming to Seattle!

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions anymore, but I did make a couple of promises to myself at the beginning of the year which started to come together last week. The first of these was to go to the Seattle Fling in July.

That sounds a pretty easy promise, but I gave myself a couple of hurdles to make it a tad more tricky. I didn't feel I could go all that way without NAH coming along and I couldn't really justify splurging out on a mega holiday from our savings without getting some paid work beforehand.

It's time for our Census this year, so our going to Seattle hinged on me getting one of the 35,000 temporary jobs on offer. We'll draw a veil over the frustrating and long winded process this has been: suffice to say at last a provisional job offer came through last Monday, subject to the necessary security checks, references, training etc. etc. all being satisfactory.

In the meantime I've been emailing NAH with links to various things we could do and see in and around Seattle entitled Persuasion. Lots of engineery type things; boat trips; spectacular coastal and mountain scenery; Mount St. Helen's; whale watching; a hop, skip and a jump to Canada. Lots of exciting things to make it a wonderful time for us both, with not one mention of gardening or blogging ;)

You see, I'd assumed NAH would join me for a holiday after the Fling...

Then our friends in Oz got in touch to say they'll be in the UK in July and could they stay with us on July 22nd -arrrrgggghhhhh! Much frantic emailing ensued and they're now staying with us on the 21st July - phew!

Then NAH announced not only is a trip to Seattle most tempting after all my Persuasion emails, he's also found out one of his classmates at university now lives in Seattle. So yes, let's both go and let's go there at the same time.

So the flights are booked and we'll be arriving on the 22nd :) Treat him gently eh guys?


  1. Wow, fantastic! Now I need to follow your link to find out what on earth the fling is...

  2. That's exciting! Seattle is somewhere I have long fancied visiting.

  3. Lucky you!!!
    You'd best take lots of photos for us poor folk stuck at home! :)

  4. For NAH, this is someplace I've always enjoyed in Seattle: http://www.cwb.org/

    If he's lucky, there will be a boat-building workshop going on in their outdoor space.

    The museum itself is not a big production, but the wooden boats that are there are beautiful, and I marvel at the craftsmanship.

    I've got my reservations at the hotel, and I'm working on the financing, but I've persuaded Walu to make it part of our annual vacation trip. We both love the Pacific northwest.

    So hopefully, I will see you there!

  5. We're going to Seattle, we're going to Seattle...
    Ha - the WV is allys

  6. How lovely!!! I do so love seeing our beautiful Seattle Fling badge waving proudly in England. Seattle has so much to offer folks of all persuasions. I've heard there are people who AREN'T simply nuts for the garden... Can't wait to welcome you to our gardens.

  7. Sounds fabulous, I've always wanted to go to Seattle. Made it to Mt. St. Helen's once, which was fab, but the city and the wonderful coastal scenery have always eluded me. All that plus the fling? I'm not jealous at all ;-)

  8. I'm SO excited you're coming to our corner of the planet! Seattle is a great place to garden and similar to England's climate (lived there for a year and loved it!). Looking forward to meeting you.

  9. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Seattle about 15 years ago. And it was FANTASTIC - possibly the best place I've ever visited, certainly best US city. It was the combination of city, sea and mountains that I liked best - you'll love it

  10. Oh what fun ~ no doubt you and NAH will have a whale of a time!

  11. Oh I am so glad you get to come! And and early welcome to Seattle! I do hope our weather will treat you kindly. There is so much to do and see here, I hope you can fit all of it in while you're here!

  12. I am so glad! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! xxoogail

  13. How exciting! I still haven't decided if I'm going to be able to go to Seattle or not, but you've given me one more reason to hope I can. I'm sure NAH will find lots of things he will enjoy besides viewing gardens.

  14. Lu - you'll see what a beautiful thing it is :)

    Lisa - it's been on my list of places to see for a very long time so this was the perfect excuse to go

    Lucy - oh yes!

    NG - lots of photos is firmly on the list of things to do ;)

    Susam - thanks for that - I'll put it on the list of options of what we can do. Must go and make the hotel reservations...

    Victoria - yes we are!

    Lorene - welcome! And thanks for your help so far :)

    Janet - I so nearly went 2 years ago when it was in Chicago as I so wanted to see The Lurie, so I guess it was inevitable I'd go to a Fling at some point

    Kelli - hello! I can't wait to meet you and everyone too :)

    Mark - 1 of my friends from my research in Mallorca is the director of a wildlife travel company. We've had many a discussion into the early hours of the morning about our top 5 places in the world. Seattle was one of hers and it's why I've wanted to go there for such a long time

    Anna - I'm sure we will :)

    Joan - I know we won't be able to fit everything in as there's so much to do, but that's fine!

    Gail - I can't wait to see you and Frances again! xxx

    Rose - oh I do hope you can come!


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