Love is in the Air

The really warm weather the past few days has brought many noticeable changes to my garden and plot. We've succumbed to the first grass mowing of the year and the weeds are starting to make their bid for the sky. The birds have turned up the volume, the bees are buzzing and previously slow and sleepy ladybirds* are getting a little more racy in their activities. Love is most definitely in the air ;)

Has anyone else noticed there's lots of ladybirds around at the moment? I'm having to rehome loads of them as I work my way through all this spring's pruning and shredding activities. It's probably just as well they're here: I'm sure the sunshine will also wake those pesky aphids from their slumbers...

* aka ladybug for those of you from across the Pond

PS don't forget the clocks go forward tonight here in the UK. Sweet dreams and from tomorrow we can garden in the evening - yay!


  1. We have daylight saving for one more week....I am not looking forward to turning the clock back! Gardening in the evenings has been one of the nicest parts of this Summer. In Australia they are ladybirds too.

  2. Yes, there are loads of ladybirds around this year - everywhere I look in the garden, and clusters of 6 - 8 under the leaves of old brambles I'm finally getting to grips with. I must admit there are so many I've left them to rehome themselves!

  3. Oh good, its not just me then - there really are loads more ladybirds around. Love the x-rated action ;-)

  4. in my last abode, ladybugs came in twice a year: just as they emerged in full spring, & just before first hard frost. i would be killing (yes, i did) 20 or more every day for a week straight. in this place, the earliest sign of spring is to hear the street cats start yowling threats.

  5. Hi,

    Ooooh, how exciting a bit of Ladybird pr0n! :D

    I've had lots around the garden and have been putting off cutting back the dead perennial stems because the Ladybirds seem to love to sleep/sunbathe on them. If I do remove any then I have to be careful before I put anything in the bin - yesterday I had three on some Buddleja branches I chopped a while ago. Not to mention the few I saw elsewhere - I've never seen so many flying, every time I looked up one seemed to buzz by???!

    I just hope there are enough aphids to keep them well fed!

  6. Disgraceful - showing such porn :-)

  7. I've had a lot of, as we do say, ladybugs this spring. They are always all over my oregano this time each year. I think perhaps they overwinter under there.

  8. Hazel - thanks for the reminder that our joy about spring is tempered with the downward spiral into autumn in the southern hemsiphere :(

    Lu - I usually do that too, but not when they're about to go into the shredder!

    Janet - I couldn't resist. And I rather like red with blue too. Must remember that for another time

    Petoskystone - I've been tardy with my cutting stuff back for winter, so there's been plenty of places for the ladybirds to snuggle down in a nice spot for the winter :)

    Liz - I'm worried about the lack of aphids at the moment, but I suspect the warm weather means they'll get going soon

    Robert ;)

    Liz - what a fragrant spot for overwintering ladybirds :)


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