April is the Blog Love Month III

Porch still life - Great Dixter March 2013
Week three of my version of Emma Cooper's Blog Love Challenge sees me discovering blogs which are celebrating gardens - especially theirs - as my homage to National Gardening Week.
  • Firstly there's Pauline from Lead Up the Garden Path, who celebrates the return of her St Patrick.
  • We gardeners love talking about the weather, so here's a blog which keeps tabs on gardening and the weather in Ossett, Yorkshire.
  • Helene has been a regular, thoughtful commenter here over the past few months, so it was lovely to discover her multiple-collage celebration of her garden this week.
  • Not a garden, nor a new blog (though sadly I haven't visited in ages, so it feels like a new blog again), but I had to share Val Littlewood's willow sketches from Pencil and Leaf.
  • A Blooms Day discovery this week is Mario and Hortus | 5 - thoughtful posts and good presentation of  his beautiful images
  • Rosie at Leavesnbloom has some lovely, dreamlike photos of her garden in Perthshire this week
  • And finally, Silverpebble has opened her spring notebook :)
If you missed my discoveries for Week 1 and Week 2, follow the links to find some great blogs and posts :)


  1. What a beautiful still life - it reminds me of a stone gazebo I loved sitting in, and ... gazing! It too had a lantern, because inevitably you would still be there when the sun went down!

    Thanks for sharing the gardening blogs too, I'm loving exploring.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my blog VP. Spring is always a great time just to sit and view from the porch while making plans for the season.

  3. Thank you for sharing your finds. And I love the photo from Great Dixter, beautiful.

  4. Love the photo, Dixter was such a fantastic day!

    Enjoying following up on your blog love tips, sometimes you can get too familiar reading the same bloggers so it is nice to read others.

  5. Jennifer and CJ - thank you :)

    Rosie - it was long overdue Rosie!

    Gaz - it's been great to look at some fresh blogs this month. Mustn't forget old friends though!


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