Blackbird Singing in the Middle of the Day

It's not just the flowers which have woken up to spring this week at VP Gardens: at last the birds are singing strongly. I couldn't resist taking a short video of this male blackbird singing its heart out on the public land next to our house. He seems to be responding to another blackbird further away, which suggests he's probably proclaiming his territory or fitness to breed to the other males in the area.

The greenfinches have started 'zooming', a woodpecker is tapping away and the resident song thrush in our garden is my current alarm call in the morning. I've also seen reports of the first swallows arriving to these shores. As soon as I hear the chiff chaff, then my spring will be complete.

Which birds have you heard in your garden lately?


  1. lovely post and a lovely song from the black bird have a wonderful weekend

  2. The birds song here this week has been spectacular - everything is coming together, albeit a wee bit late!

  3. And you too Linda!

    Angie - I have just heard and seen the chiff chaff, so it's definitely coming together!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to hear them all again? When I first hear the blackbirds I really feel Spring has arrived. The woodpeckers are hammering away and the pheasants flapping and squawking. This afternoon we sat out in the sunshine just taking it all in.

  5. I love waking up in the morning with the birds singing. It sets me up for the day.

  6. Lovely video, I have a couple of blackbirds in my garden too, and a couple of cheeky magpies, I love them too!
    I have a tiny birdhouse on a tree trunk that I fill with sunflower seeds, meant for small birds, but guess who is there every morning having a long breakfast? A squirrel. Not sure if I am going to bother refill it any more, I really didn't intend to feed the squirrels with my new birdhouse...

  7. I have blackbirds, chaffinches, dunnocks, magpies, robins, great and bluetits, feral and wood pigeons out front at home so always hear plenty of birdsong when I'm outside. Flighty xx

  8. It does make it definitely make it feel more like spring,we sat watching the blue tits going in and out the boxes the other afternoon listening to the woodpecker,but still looking skywards waiting to see our first swallows and house martins,they are very late this year

  9. RD - it is. I've been hearing a woodpecker up at the allotment this week :)

    AWPOL - we've got an owl hooting in the evening - I love falling asleep to that sound!

    Helene - I've stopped feeding the birds because in reality I was feeding the squirrels who invaded our loft. However, I was given a nyger feeder for my birthday and the squirrels don't seem to go for that one.

    Flighty - me too, but it's been late getting up to full volume this year.

    Flowerlady - I've yet to see a swallow or swift...


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