Postcard from Chelsea Flower Show

New Covent Garden Flower Market's exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show

I've just got back from a wonderful day at this year's Chelsea Flower Show where there was so much to take in, so I'm still sorting through in my mind which stories I'm going to bring you this year.

I couldn't resist showing you the 'grand reveal' of the New Covent Garden Flower Market's debut in the Great Pavilion which I previewed on Sunday. It was getting a lot of attention yesterday and I was delighted to receive a replica brooch of the Queen's head part of the design from Ming Veevers Carter herself.

There was a huge buzz around this design, and I had the joy of discussing it with Carol Kirkwood, who thought it was 'just fabulous'. We wondered who'd manage to bring THE shot of the show - the above picture with a Chelsea Pensioner in the frame. Sadly I missed the opportunity by a few seconds, though I'm sure it'll crop up at some point this week.

More from Chelsea to come...

Stop Press

I've just heard this scooped a gold medal and the New Design award. Congratulations to everyone involved.

The Flower Market side of the design
And from the other side...

... and then courtesy of Twitter:


  1. Was great to see yesterday, and meet Naomi!

    1. Shame we didn't get longer for a proper catch up!

  2. I'm trying to decide if the Queen is flattered that they have chosen an image of her younger self - or otherwise! I was surprised when a reporter on the television, saying she would be arriving at the flower show later in the day said 'Bless her!' It wasn't a prayer, it was a 'silly old lady we must patronise her' kind of remark. I wish I had her stamina!

    1. At least they didn't go for the Wilding version, which was even earlier Lucy! That and the Machin version used on our stamps are such iconic images of the Queen, so I guess it was inevitable the Machin version would be chosen. I've seen a picture of the Queen posing by her silhouette and smiling, so she can't think too badly of it! We saw her later on when we were at the pub - she drove past with 2 minibuses full of elderly people following on behind. They all looked pretty chipper, especially when we and a load of post-Chelsea people waved at them!

  3. So that's who it was, getting in the way of photo taking on Greening Grey Britain - Carol Kirkwood. I am so not a celebrity spotter. The only person I spotted was Judy Dench (anyone can recognise her) and Teresa May (no, not really a celeb), who was at the Modern Slavery Garden. I only really knew it was her because I heard someone say so while I was there.

    Lovely to see you. Shame we didn't get to bump into each other again later on.

    1. Ooh I would have loved to have seen Judi Dench as she went to the sister school of my husband's. I wasn't really celeb spotting, but I saw - more by accident than judgement- ... Floella Benjamin, Mr Motivator, Nick Knowles, Matt Awright, Judith Chalmers, Nigel Slater, Samantha Bond, and the actress currently playing Miss Moneypenny.

      Would have loved to have had longer to chat!

    2. Oh and I forgot Sophie Raworth, plus I had a cheeky grin from James Wong, a wink from Adam Frost and a cuddle from Cleve West :)

  4. Oh that's a great pic with or without a Chelsea pensioner in the background. The Queen was not the only energetic 90 year old there yesterday. It was great to see her chatting to David Austin. Look forward to hearing more about your Chelsea 2016 impressions.

    1. I admire their energy Anna, I was shattered yesterday!


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