In Praise of the Festival Theatre

Festival Theatre backdrop, Malvern Spring Show 2016
Part of the Festival Theatre backdrop, RHS Malvern Spring Show
The RHS Malvern Spring Show is stuffed full of delight this year -  there's a nice relaxed vibe, plus possibly the best weather in over 10 years of visits. I had a jolly time there this week.

Amongst the usual goodies are: show gardens worthy of Chelsea...tick; amazing plants in the floral marquee... tick; plenty of shopping... you bet;  best setting for a garden show... oh yes. Other bloggers have covered these aspects and I'll round them all up as usual over at my Meet at Malvern blog.

What really blew me away this year was the Festival Theatre. The team at TCAS always invite back a successful designer to provide the theatre's stage. They've excelled themselves by choosing local designer Hannah Genders, who in turn has used the pictured bespoke sculptures by Matt Sanderson.

Alan Titchmarsh giving lawn care advice at Malvern Spring Show

There's always a fantastic programme of speakers, which alone are worth making the journey for. This year is no exception, but for me my absolute star of the show is that amazing backdrop.


  1. What a striking backdrop! I would have found it hard to keep my eyes on Mr.T. Hannah Genders name rings a bell. Maybe it's from previous visits to Malvern. Glad to hear that you had a great time. We toyed with the idea of visiting especially when we saw the weather forecast but the fact that I failed the allotment inspection meant that I had to be elsewhere :( I look forward to popping into 'Meet At Malvern' soon.

    1. Hannah regularly has a show garden at Malvern - she's the one who sourced her garden by bike one year, so you remember it? She does some fab designs and has collaborated with Matt before, so it's no wonder they came up with something so good for the Festival Theatre. I hope there's better news re your allotment soon... mine was inspected yesterday...

  2. I really must get to Malvern. It always looks lovely. Kept an eye out for you in the background of the Gardeners' World round-up this weekend, but you obviously weren't hanging around eyeballing Monty! See you at Chelsea, I hope.

    1. I usually avoid the film crews because they get in the way and the crowds follow them. However, I did bump into Adam Frost between filming and we had a great chat. It was his first visit to Malvern and he was impressed with the show. It's well worth a visit Helen - I'll tell you more at Chelsea!


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